Zip-Zag - Large Double Seal Bags
Zip-Zag - Large Double Seal Bags


Zip-Zag - Large Double Seal Bags

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Zip-Zags patented technology means you can confidently store and protect your favourite foods, medicines, toys, produce and other valuable items...

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Zip-Zags patented technology means you can confidently store and protect your favourite foods, medicines, toys, produce and other valuable items for as long as you need to. Our bags can be used in multiple ways: from keeping clothes fresh and protecting them from moths, to using it as a storage bag for food. Zip-Zag is the ultimate solution for natural preservation!
Zip-Zag Brand Bags are purpose made in North America using a specialized food-grade material that is highly resistant to punctures and tears. It has an airtight, patented Dual Lock zipper system able to withstand over 200lb of pressure without the need of heat sealing, and if that's not enough, our Heat Seal Ready outer provides an optional level of security. The result is a super tough, re-sealable, reusable, easy-to-use storage bag offering the utmost convenience and 100% peace of mind.

 High-Tech vapor control, seals in flavours and ALL aromas
Puncture resistant material, will not split or tear
Airtight, extra strength, silky smooth zipper withstands over 200lb of pressure without bursting
 Used with zipper alone, oxygen transfer rate is comparable to heat sealed bags
Heat Seal Ready for added security
Resealable, reusable and dishwasher safe
 100% food grade materials with no nasty glues
 Manufactured in North America
 Many uses in and around the home, including food storage and preservation. Barrier Protection against chemical sensitives. Safeguarding contents from predators, pests and insects. Sous Vide cooking and much much more.

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