Hydroponics is a fascinating subset of hydroculture, which uses mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent to grow plants. Plants grown in this method can grow up to 50% faster than plants grown in soil, as using a water solvent gives them direct access to nutrients and oxygen.

Our shop offers a wide range and variety of hydroponic products for you to use in your indoor garden to get your plants and flowers blooming. You can buy all the necessary supplies directly from our stock, including grow lamps, plant aids, pH control and more. We provide all the best equipment to allow gardeners to maximise the potential of their indoor growing.

"The Prestwich Hydroponics team had a vision. One of grandeur. That dream was to start a hydroponics store unlike any other. One where the customer is given good, trustworthy advice. One where the staff help the customer achieve the results they want, the way they want to do it. One where each customer, no matter how small, is given the same amount of attention as the next."

Come visit our store in Manchester to meet the knowledgeable, experienced team who will be able to help and advise you on a variety of topics about hydroponics and indoor gardening.

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