CFL Lighting

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs are a popular type of lighting used in hydroponics. They are affordable, energy-efficient, and easy to use, making them a great option for beginner hydroponic growers.

CFL bulbs are available in a range of colors, including warm white, cool white, and daylight, and they can be used to provide the specific light spectrum needed for different stages of plant growth. They produce less heat than other types of lighting, which means they can be placed closer to plants without burning them.

One of the advantages of CFL bulbs is that they are small and compact, which makes them easy to use in small grow spaces. They are also available in a range of wattages, from 13 watts to 200 watts, making them suitable for different types of plants and growing conditions.

However, CFL bulbs are not as powerful as other types of lighting, such as HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights, so they may not be suitable for large or commercial hydroponic setups. They also have a shorter lifespan than other types of lighting, so they may need to be replaced more frequently.

Overall, CFL bulbs are a great option for small-scale hydroponic growers who want an affordable, energy-efficient lighting solution that is easy to use and provides the specific light spectrum needed for plant growth.

Please note - these bulbs do NOT require a ballast for operation. 

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