Veg+Bloom - Push Foliar Spray
1 Litre
Veg+Bloom - Push Foliar Spray
1 Litre


Veg+Bloom - Push Foliar Spray

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Veg+Bloom Push Foliar Spray is a specially formulated nutrient blend designed to be applied directly to the leaves of your plants. It contains a...

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Veg+Bloom Push Foliar Spray is a specially formulated nutrient blend designed to be applied directly to the leaves of your plants. It contains a balanced mix of essential micronutrients, amino acids, and trace elements that are essential for healthy growth and development. This foliar spray is highly effective in promoting vigorous growth, improving nutrient uptake, and increasing yields.

The unique formulation of Veg+Bloom Push Foliar Spray is designed to quickly and easily penetrate plant tissues, ensuring that your plants receive the nutrients they need for optimal health and growth. The amino acids in this foliar spray act as natural chelators, making nutrients more available to your plants, while the trace elements help to promote healthy metabolic processes and cellular development.

Veg+Bloom Push Foliar Spray is suitable for use on all types of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. It can be used throughout the growing cycle, from seedling to harvest, and is particularly effective during the vegetative and flowering stages. With regular use, this foliar spray can help to improve the overall health and productivity of your plants, resulting in larger, healthier yields.

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At Prestwich Hydroponics we only stock the highest quality powder and liquid plant feeds available. household names like Athena, Canna & Mills. We also stock products that tackle pests, moulds and other grow room problems.

It is important to receive the correct amounts of nutrients for your plants. Each nutrient has different functions, e.g. nitrogen is needed for stem growth and leaf production, while phosphorus is essential for root health. Plants need all three major plant nutrients - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - in order to grow at their best. Using high-quality plant nutrients will help you achieve unrivalled harvests..

Hydroponic Research is a company that produces Veg+Bloom, a nutrient for plant growth and has been dedicated to serious scientific research ever since. Hydroponic Research was the first to introduce a one-part powder nutrient, VEG+BLOOM, when the industry was mostly multi-part liquids. Today, the company continues to perfect every particle of their nutrient at their SoCal home base, with the goal of providing growers worldwide with the purest and most powerful nutrients for ultra-high yields. The company remains committed to further research and development, as there is always more to grow.

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