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Tempo Hybrid

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Claber's latest breakthrough introduces solar power to the realm of automated irrigation. We are excited to present the Te...

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Claber's latest breakthrough introduces solar power to the realm of automated irrigation. We are excited to present the Tempo Hybrid, a solar-powered water timer engineered to harness solar energy. With instant readiness and no waiting for capacitor charging, the Claber Tempo Hybrid leads in environmental consciousness, dependability, adaptability, and user-friendliness.

Incorporating a built-in solar panel, this timer draws energy from sunlight. It absorbs light energy even when the panel isn't in direct sunlight. Flexible watering durations, ranging from 5 seconds to 90 minutes, offer precise control. It accommodates up to 4 watering cycles daily, with weekly settings enabling exclusion of specific days for desired gardening flexibility. The backlit LCD screen ensures visibility in all conditions, displaying various functions such as programming, remaining time, watering duration, rain sensor status, timer battery charge, and RF rain sensor battery charge. Additionally, a manual on/off button (adjustable for 15 minutes) allows system performance testing.

Select watering duration from 1 to 90 minutes per session. Configure up to 4 watering cycles each day. Effortlessly attach to your garden faucet and program. Operates on solar energy. Equipped with a backup battery for utmost reliability. Resistant to shocks and inclement weather. Immediate watering through on/off button (manual for 15 minutes). Illuminated LCD screen displays diverse functions (programming, time left, watering duration, rain sensor). Seamless connection to wired or wireless rain sensor. Backed by Claber's 3-year manufacturer warranty.

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