Stewart - Large Unheated Propagator
Stewart - Large Unheated Propagator


Stewart - Large Unheated Propagator

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Give your plants a helping hand with our high-quality propagators. The lightweight crystal clear cover has adjustable ventilation making it easy...

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Give your plants a helping hand with our high-quality propagators. The lightweight crystal clear cover has adjustable ventilation making it easy to control the airflow to young plants.

Unlike other propagators that can only take small Rockwool cubes, the gravel base tray is able to hold a selection of pots and plant propagating solutions in this specially designed growing space.

The adjustable ventilation allows for more precise control over humidity within the micro- climate of the propagator.

The Heated Versions of these propagators have several benefits over the unheated versions; Maintains an ideal growing temperature between 18°C - 23°C, includes a starter kit and growing guide, creates a warm environment for growing seedlings, the sealed heating unit retains heat within the propagator, Allows precise control of growing conditions for seeds and cuttings.

The electrically heated propagators maintain a temperature between 18°C - 23°C and is not thermostatically controlled. This temperature range cannot be altered by the user.

Sizes (Length x Width x Height)

Small Propagator (unheated): 38cm x 22cm x 18cm

Large Propagator (unheated): 52cm x 42cm x 24cm

Small Propagator (heated): 38cm x 24cm x 18.5cm

Large Propagator (heated): 52cm x 42cm x 26cm

How to use

Simply put your planted seed trays and pots into the propagator. These plants should only be watered when they dry out as maintaining wet soil increases the chances of fungal infection.

Take care to wipe any condensation that forms on the clear lid of the propagator as droplets can act as lenses, focusing the light which could burn the young leaves.

When cuttings and leaves are established and growing strongly, transfer them into individual pots, outside of the propagator.

Product not normally stocked within the store please allow up to 1 week for delivery.

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You want your plants to do their thing and you’re looking for the best possible way to help them on their way. That’s why we stock a great range of propagation equipment and kits, so you can take advantage of the most effective ways to grow your new plants from cuttings or seeds. From cutting scalpels and rooting compounds to growth mediums like rockwool or jiffy pots, our products will ensure those precious shoots are given the best start possible.

Propagators are specialized containers designed to create a controlled environment for plant propagation, often used in hydroponic growing systems. They are typically made of plastic and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from small units suitable for home use to large commercial units. Propagators provide a warm and humid environment that promotes the growth of new plant shoots or roots. They can be used to propagate a variety of plants, from vegetables to ornamental flowers, and can be used to start plants from seed, clone plants from cuttings, or germinate seeds. Many propagators come with features such as adjustable vents, heating mats, and humidity domes that allow growers to customize the growing conditions to suit the specific needs of their plants. Propagators are popular among hydroponic growers because they provide an efficient and effective way to start new plants with a high success rate.

Stewart Garden is a UK-based business that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality gardening products. The company was founded in 1945 and has since grown to become a leading supplier of gardening tools, planters, watering cans, and other garden accessories.

Stewart Garden prides itself on offering innovative and practical solutions to gardening needs, with a focus on providing durable and sustainable products that meet the needs of both professional gardeners and home enthusiasts. The company's product range includes traditional and contemporary designs, with a particular emphasis on modern and stylish garden furniture, planters, and pots.

In addition to its product offerings, Stewart Garden is committed to environmental sustainability and works to reduce its carbon footprint through the use of recycled materials and responsible manufacturing practices. The company also provides educational resources and gardening advice to help customers get the most out of their gardening experiences.

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