SMSCom - Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller 4.5A
SMSCom - Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller 4.5A


SMSCom - Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller 4.5A

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The SMSCom twin fan controller offers a great range of functionality for such a compact and cost-effective unit. The original SMS fan controller...

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The SMSCom twin fan controller offers a great range of functionality for such a compact and cost-effective unit. The original SMS fan controllers have been used far and wide throughout hydroponics grow rooms up and down the country. Looking at the sleek design and the reliability they offer it is easy to see why.

A modernised version of the original SMS controller. The Mk2 version uses pulse width modulation to reduce fan speed, and it has been redesigned in a smaller, more modern package. The new Mk2 is an ideal choice for 6 or 8 pin fans with a max current of 4.5A maximum per channel.

The SMSCom Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller is the most flexible and accurate way to control fan speed, extractor temperature and humidifier. You can set your controller to open and close the extractor heater at a pre-set temperature, or if you want a stable/constant environment while extracting, set the controller to work continuously at a temperatures that suits you. With lockout options and power pass through meaning you can safely control two units simultaneously with one unit or 2 units independently on their own.

Simply plug your intake fan into the plug socket on the left and your extract into the right-hand socket and you are pretty much there! Then set the minimum fan speed with the left-hand knob, essentially setting the slowest idle speed you want the fans to run at. Then use the right-hand knob to set the maximum fan speed, particularly useful if you choose to oversize the fans in your grow room.

Once the min and max speeds have been set, you need to set the temperature threshold with the knob in the middle. Once this is set, information is sent from the probe to the unit, and it calculates how fast to work. It doesn't just go to one pre-set speed either, it gradually adjusts the fan speed to gently react to the changing environment, helping to avoid spikes in temperatures.

The SMSCom Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller is the perfect solution to this problem. It allows you to keep your grow room at a temperature that suits your plants best, while allowing it to quickly cool itself down in the event that the temperature gets too high. This will help to reduce foliar disease and prevent end lethal in your plants.

This module is designed to control the grow room temperature, and thus manipulates the difference between the daytime and night-time temperatures in your environment. The state of the ideal environment for your plant can be used as feedback for this controller. The Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller 4.5A will do exactly what it says on the tin, providing you with the tools to create a more tailored environment for you plants.

When setting up your grow room, install a separate thermometer to verify that the temperatures are correct. Adjustment may be needed as your plants mature and develop into their flowering cycle.

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If you want to create the best possible environment for your plants, then installing a ventilation system is a sure-fire way of achieving that. Here at Prestwich Hydroponics we stock top-quality ventilation solutions such as EC fans from Systemair and Rhino. When coupled with a fan controller, you will be able to help prevent problems occurring throughout your grow cycle.

Fan controllers come in a variety of types and designs, ranging from simple manual controllers to more advanced digital controllers that can be programmed to operate automatically based on temperature and humidity settings.

Manual fan controllers typically consist of a dial or knob that allows growers to adjust the speed of the ventilation fan. These controllers are easy to use and provide growers with precise control over the airflow in the grow space.

Digital fan controllers, on the other hand, offer a range of advanced features and automation capabilities. These controllers typically include sensors that monitor temperature and humidity levels in the grow space, and can be programmed to adjust the fan speed automatically based on these readings.

One of the key benefits of fan controllers is that they help growers to maintain a consistent and stable growing environment. By regulating the airflow and temperature in the grow space, fan controllers can help to prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations that can be detrimental to plant growth and health.

Fan controllers can also help to reduce energy costs by ensuring that ventilation fans are running at optimal speeds and not using more energy than necessary. This can lead to significant savings over time, making fan controllers a worthwhile investment for many hydroponic growers.

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