Round Wall Flange
Round Wall Flange

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Round Wall Flange

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A Round Wall Flange is a type of ducting component used for wall mounting to terminate a ducting run through a wall or other flat surface. It c...

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A Round Wall Flange is a type of ducting component used for wall mounting to terminate a ducting run through a wall or other flat surface. It consists of a circular plate with a circular opening in the center, through which the ducting can be attached. The flange is typically made from galvanized steel or other materials that are strong and durable, to ensure reliable performance in HVAC systems and other ventilation applications.

When installing a Round Wall Flange, it is important to ensure that the flange is securely fastened to the wall or other surface, using appropriate screws or bolts. The ducting can then be attached to the flange using duct clamps or other suitable fittings, to ensure a tight and secure seal that prevents air leaks or noise.

Round Wall Flanges are commonly used in HVAC systems, where they are used to connect ducting to ventilation grilles or other components that are mounted on walls or ceilings. They may also be used in industrial applications such as dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems, where they provide a convenient and secure way to connect ducting to fixed equipment or machinery.

Overall, the Round Wall Flange is a versatile and important component in many different types of ducting systems, allowing for the efficient and reliable connection of ducting to walls and other flat surfaces. Its strong and durable construction ensures longevity and performance in demanding environments.

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