RAM 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18
RAM 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18

RAM (Rapid Air Movement)

RAM 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18") - 4 Speed

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RAM 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18") - 4 Speed is made of only the best materials, which ensures its long life. The fan has been designed wit...

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RAM 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18") - 4 Speed is made of only the best materials, which ensures its long life. The fan has been designed with a strong structure, which makes it resistant to any damage or breakage. The powerful motor provides excellent cooling performance, creating a pleasant atmosphere in any room. This oscillating & rotating floor fan is an absolute must for grow rooms and very important for circulating some air. It is also used to strengthen the branches, and stems of the plants, So they can hold more weight!

The Pedestal Fan with Automatic Swing is a sturdy, reliable fan that's quiet and easy to set up. It comes with full instructions for assembly & features adjustable height and head.

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