Pro-Leaf - CO2 Controller
Pro-Leaf - CO2 Controller


Pro-Leaf - CO2 Controller

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The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller allows you to easily set and maintain the perfect levels of CO2 in your garden. You can adjust the output from 400pp...

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The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller allows you to easily set and maintain the perfect levels of CO2 in your garden. You can adjust the output from 400ppm - 2000ppm. To prevent Co2 waste, dosing is restricted to lights-on, when plants use Co2. Control your Co2 levels to increase Co2 absorption rates, which promotes faster growth and larger yields. The Pro-Leaf Co2 Controller works with bottled Co2 or propane gas to give your plants the precise amount of Co2 they need.

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) devices are essential equipment in hydroponic grow rooms, as they provide an additional source of CO2 to enhance plant growth and increase yields. CO2 devices are used to maintain a higher concentration of CO2 in the grow room, which is beneficial for photosynthesis and overall plant health.

There are different types of CO2 devices available, ranging from simple handheld CO2 meters to automated CO2 injection systems. Handheld CO2 meters are used to measure the CO2 concentration in the grow room, allowing growers to adjust the CO2 levels as needed. These meters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, but they require regular monitoring to ensure optimal CO2 levels.

Automated CO2 injection systems are more advanced and provide a more consistent and precise delivery of CO2 to the plants. These systems typically consist of a CO2 tank, a regulator, and a solenoid valve that controls the flow of CO2 into the grow room. Automated CO2 systems are usually controlled by a timer or a CO2 controller, which monitors the CO2 levels in the grow room and adjusts the CO2 injection rate accordingly

It is essential to use CO2 devices properly to avoid over or under dosing the plants with CO2, which can have negative effects on plant growth and health. The optimal CO2 concentration for most plants is around 1000-1500 parts per million (ppm), and levels should not exceed 2000 ppm. CO2 levels should also be adjusted based on the plant's growth stage, with higher levels needed during the vegetative stage and lower levels during the flowering stage.

Overall, CO2 devices are a critical component of hydroponic grow rooms, and their proper use and maintenance are essential for optimal plant growth and yields. CO2 devices can help enhance plant growth, increase yields, and improve the overall quality of the harvest.

If you want to create the best possible environment for your plants, then installing a ventilation system is a sure-fire way of achieving that. Here at Prestwich Hydroponics we stock top-quality ventilation solutions such as EC fans from Systemair and Rhino. When coupled with a fan controller, you will be able to help prevent problems occurring throughout your grow cycle.

At Pro-Leaf, we specialize in providing indoor horticulture climate control solutions. Our products are designed and developed by growers, for growers, ensuring that they meet the specific needs and requirements of the industry.

We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable products that help growers increase their yield and lower production costs. Our stable and precise controllers are designed to optimize growth conditions, ensuring that plants have everything they need to thrive.

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges of indoor horticulture and works tirelessly to develop innovative and effective solutions. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and support, helping growers to get the most out of their investment in our products.

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