Opticlimate - Revomax II
Opticlimate - Revomax II


Opticlimate - Revomax II

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The OptiClimate RevomaxII is a climate control system that boasts of the new Infinity DC inverter technology, making...

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The OptiClimate RevomaxII is a climate control system that boasts of the new Infinity DC inverter technology, making it the air conditioning unit with the broadest capacity range. It has a stable climate control system that works at lower cooling capacity levels of 20-30%, which is lower than other units that function at 60%. The RevomaxII ensures stable humidity levels, stable room and output temperatures, and dehumidification, making it ideal for a vast range of applications and plant species. The double Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) technology and intelligent software are exclusive to OptiClimate, making the RevomaxII more controllable, flexible, and accurate than other units.

It is optimized for growing with LED lights, and its built-in protection mechanisms make it one of the safest climate control systems on the market. Additionally, it comes with a Smart Remote Controller that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or wired, allowing remote control and monitoring of the unit. The RevomaxII also has a dehumidification function that continues even after the desired temperature has been reached, improving air quality and preventing harmful substances and unpleasant odors. It can be used as a water-cooled or air-cooled system, depending on the customer's preference

The RevomaxII is a climate control system with Infinity DC inverter technology, which has the broadest capacity range of all existing air conditioning units.

The system can go as low as 20-30% cooling capacity whereas other products can only go as low as 60%, resulting in a super stable climate no matter if the customer installed fewer fixtures than optimum.

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The humidity will be within ±4%RH from the set-point with the RevomaxII, while the humidity swing will be 20% with the PRO4, and normal air conditioners cannot even control the humidity.

The temperature will be within ±0.2°C from the set-point with the RevomaxII.
During dehumidification at night or day, the output temperature will fluctuate at most 0.4°C with the RevomaxII, while the temperature swing of the PRO4 can go as high as 40°C and as low as 10°C depending on the indoor temperature.

The unit can now be used for a much larger variety of applications and plants, thanks to the patented double EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve) technology, and intelligent software.

The RevomaxII units will be optimized for growing with LED, with a DC compressor in heating mode to heat up the room without using external electrical heaters and with dehumidification process staying active to assure the humidity is still controlled.
The units will come with a 7″ Smart Remote controller which can be connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or wired, allowing remote control and receiving of alarms and warnings by e-mail.

The system has built-in protection mechanisms for safety, including temperature protection, water leak safeguard, and a fireproof system.

The Smart Remote controller allows users to receive alarms and warnings by e-mail.
The system helps to create an ideal environment under the most extreme circumstances, managing humidity and preventing harmful substances and unpleasant odours.

The built-in lightweight dust and carbon filter keeps the interior components free of dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and absorbs disturbing smells such as solvents, softeners, cooking and food odours, smoke and body odours.
There are two cooling possibilities: water-cooled and air-cooled (OptiClimate Split)

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