Ona - Cyclone Fan Unit For 20l Tubs
Ona - Cyclone Fan Unit For 20l Tubs


Ona - Cyclone Fan Unit For 20l Tubs

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The ONA Cyclone fan has been designed to increase and speed up the distribution of ONA using the 20kg pail. To provide better coverage, the ONA ...

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The ONA Cyclone fan has been designed to increase and speed up the distribution of ONA using the 20kg pail. To provide better coverage, the ONA Cyclone fan sits atop a container of product and blows it into the surrounding atmosphere when switched on. With the ONA particles naturally destroying any odours it comes into contact with. The Cyclone fan has been redesigned and is now available at a really affordable price point. This makes the Cyclone fan excellent value for removing odours. The ONA Cyclone fan unit is well suited to most applications because of its portability and size. Quick and easy to move it can provide a fast response for large, medium or small spaces.

Instructions for use: Plug the fan into an electrical outlet. Place the fan on top of a jar or pail and then adjust the speed as needed.

ONA Cyclone Weight

1.2 Kg

ONA Cyclone Fan Features

High performance airflow

Low power usage

Excellent odour control

High quality fan

1 year limited warranty

ONA Gel sold separately

Power adapter included

Operating Instructions

Remove lid of ONA gel.

Place Cyclone fan on top of the container by aligning the bottom mounts to the container edge.

Plug the adapter into the ONA Cyclone fan and the into a power outlet.

Choose desired airflow speed (high or low) for effective odour neutralisation.

When ONA gel is reduced to within one inch of the bottom of the pail replace the gel.

Maintenance & Usage

Keep the ONA Cyclone unit clean, and fan vents clear of anything that may restrict airflow.

If the strength of the odours in the room fluctuates, adjust the fan speed to compensate.

For best results use the Cyclone in an elevated, unobstructed position such as a table.

Safety Information

ONA Cyclone is designed to operate on 100-240 Volt, 50/60 Hertz alternating current.

Operate the ONA Cyclone and gel on level surfaces only.

Do not immerse Cyclone into water or liquid shock hazard.

Product not normally stocked within the store please allow up to 1 week for delivery.

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