Omega 315W Cdm Lamp
Omega 315W Cdm Lamp


Omega 315W Cdm Lamp

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The Omega Lighting 315w CDM (Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide) grow lamp is a game-changer for those looking for a full-spectrum lighting solution...

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The Omega Lighting 315w CDM (Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide) grow lamp is a game-changer for those looking for a full-spectrum lighting solution. Designed to mimic natural sunlight, this state-of-the-art lamp produces a level of photosynthetically active radiation that's immediately apparent to the naked eye.

The Omega Ceramic Metal Halide 315w Lamp is optimised for the bloom phase, with enhanced reds that lead to increased growth rates and a tighter internode structure. The lamp's broad light spectrum allows for use in both veg and flower, delivering an improvement in overall vigour and an increase in the final weight.

Unlike other HID lighting systems, the CDM fixture utilises a ceramic-discharge Metal Halide Lamp that produces a light spectrum that's much broader, comparable to light produced by LEP (light-emitting plasma) units. While LEPs have a slightly broader spectrum, the CDM fixture is unmatched in terms of brightness. The unit delivers an LEP-style spectrum combined with HPS-style intensity, making it a truly exceptional all-rounder that will add much to the quality and size of the harvest.

The Omega CDM 315w lamp is a full spectrum grow/flower lamp that's highly efficient, putting out 1.9 micromoles (umol) per watt of electricity. It is ideal as both supplementary and standalone lighting, providing extremely high PAR levels. Used alongside an Omega 315W CDM Digital Ballast, this lamp is perfect for those looking to reduce electricity bills while adding light output.

Invest in the Omega Ceramic Metal Halide 315w Lamp, and watch your plants thrive under its full-spectrum glow.

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Grow lights are essential for the successful cultivation of your plants. They allow you to grow plants in environments where there is not enough natural light, such as in greenhouses and indoor spaces. Depending on the needs of your plants, it's important to use the right type of light. The three most popular types include Light Emitting Diode (LED), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. You can use these grow lights with a wide variety of plant types, including herbs and flowers.

Omega Lighting has established itself as a prominent provider of affordable lighting technology in the UK. Their commitment to offering cutting-edge industry technology at a reasonable price has made them a preferred choice for growers seeking to optimize their plants' growth potential.

With a vast range of lighting solutions, from traditional HPS to top-of-the-line LEDs, Omega has designed their products to deliver optimal growth outcomes. Their lamps are engineered for longer-lasting performance, providing superior results compared to other industry competitors. In an independent test conducted a few years ago, Omega's lamps outperformed other options on the UK market, achieving the highest output in the hydroponic industry.

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