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Introducing the NFT System, the perfect solution for indoor gardening and hydroponics enthusiasts. This system utilises a...

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Introducing the NFT System, the perfect solution for indoor gardening and hydroponics enthusiasts. This system utilises a simple design that incorporates a continuous flow of nutrient-rich water, providing plants with optimal levels of oxygen for accelerated growth.

With its low-profile design, the NFT System is ideal for small spaces such as loft apartments or areas with limited headroom. Setting up this system is a breeze, and you can be up and running in minutes. As a fully hydroponic system, there's no media to worry about, and very little waste to deal with once you're done.

The basic concept of the nutrient film technique is straightforward: nutrient solution gets pumped from a reservoir so that it runs down a slightly angled tray and then back into the reservoir on a continuous loop. A 'spreader mat' ensures even distribution of the nutrient solution, and plants are grown in rockwool cubes placed in holes in a Correx sheeting covering the tray. The sheeting prevents algae growth, while providing insulation from light and heat.

With the constantly flowing nutrient solution, plants in the NFT System receive ample oxygen, promoting healthy root development and leading to bountiful yields. The system is easy to maintain, with an access space at the front of the unit for maintenance jobs and nutrient change-outs.

One thing to keep in mind when using the NFT System is that plants can grow very quickly, so additional support may be necessary to prevent them from becoming too top-heavy. Our array of products can provide the necessary support for your growing plants.

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