Nebulizer - Hand Sprayer ECO
Nebulizer - Hand Sprayer ECO


Nebulizer - Hand Sprayer ECO

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Nebuliser - Hand Sprayer ECO is a powerful and versatile spraying unit designed to make light work of your spraying jobs....

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Nebuliser - Hand Sprayer ECO is a powerful and versatile spraying unit designed to make light work of your spraying jobs. With a high-powered motor and a special valve that regulates liquid suction, this unit can produce a fine mist with droplet sizes between 0-20 microns, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Whether you need to spray small rooms or large grow tents (2.4 x 2.4 and over), Nebuliser is a reliable and efficient choice. It operates on 220 V 50 Hz and has a powerful 1200 Watt motor that can spray liquids up to 6 meters away. With a 4 lt tank and a weight of only 3.5 KG, this unit is easy to handle and manoeuvre, even in tight spaces.

One of the key benefits of Nebuliser  is its adjustable spray, which allows you to tailor the density of the mist to your specific application. This means that you can achieve the perfect coverage and distribution for your crops, without wasting excess liquid or creating unwanted runoff.

Overall, it is a powerful and reliable tool for growers who need to apply liquids to their crops efficiently and effectively. Whether you are spraying pesticides, fertilizers, or other liquid solutions, this unit is an ideal choice for achieving optimal coverage and maximizing the effectiveness of your treatments.

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Pressure sprayers are commonly used in hydroponics for foliar spraying, which involves applying a nutrient solution directly to the leaves of the plant. Pressure sprayers typically consist of a container, a pump, a spray wand, and a nozzle. The container is filled with the nutrient solution, and the pump pressurizes the container to create a fine mist or spray when the wand trigger is squeezed. Pressure sprayers can be used to apply a variety of nutrient solutions, such as fertilizers, pest control, or plant growth regulators, directly to the plant leaves. Foliar spraying can be an effective method of delivering nutrients and other treatments to the plants, as it allows for quick absorption and can target specific areas of the plant. Pressure sprayers are easy to use, portable, and can be adjusted to provide different spray patterns or pressure levels.

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