Mission Controls DigiStep Temperature Controller 8A
Mission Controls DigiStep Temperature Controller 8A

Mission Control

Mission Controls DigiStep Temperature Controller 8A

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The DigiStep™ Temperature Controller is the most advanced type of controller on the market. This controller provides improved fan speed control ...

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The DigiStep™ Temperature Controller is the most advanced type of controller on the market. This controller provides improved fan speed control and accuracy over older hybrid controllers. Set the desired temperature, and the DigiStep™ will regulate it for you.

The DigiStep™ Temperature Controller is the most advanced temperature controller on the market today and offers features that no other model has. With this type of controller, you can more accurately control fan speeds and minimize temperature swings. The DigiStep™ will keep the temperature at your chosen level.

The DigiStep™ Temperature Controller provides superior dynamic fan speed control and improved accuracy over hybrid-style controllers. The DigiStep™ Temperature Controller automatically regulates the temperature of your room by increasing or decreasing fan speeds to maintain a constant set point.

Making pre-emptive changes to the extraction fans to maintain programmed temperatures.

Controls up to 2 fans
Smoother, more accurate ‘hybrid’ style controller
Fixed Temperature Sensor NTC 3m
Fixed Night-Pulse™ Sensor LDR 3m
Integral Wall Mount
Power Led 3m
2-year warranty
CE Certified

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Fan controllers come in a variety of types and designs, ranging from simple manual controllers to more advanced digital controllers that can be programmed to operate automatically based on temperature and humidity settings.

Manual fan controllers typically consist of a dial or knob that allows growers to adjust the speed of the ventilation fan. These controllers are easy to use and provide growers with precise control over the airflow in the grow space.

Digital fan controllers, on the other hand, offer a range of advanced features and automation capabilities. These controllers typically include sensors that monitor temperature and humidity levels in the grow space, and can be programmed to adjust the fan speed automatically based on these readings.

One of the key benefits of fan controllers is that they help growers to maintain a consistent and stable growing environment. By regulating the airflow and temperature in the grow space, fan controllers can help to prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations that can be detrimental to plant growth and health.

Fan controllers can also help to reduce energy costs by ensuring that ventilation fans are running at optimal speeds and not using more energy than necessary. This can lead to significant savings over time, making fan controllers a worthwhile investment for many hydroponic growers.

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