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Lumii - Aerotube

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The Lumii Aerotube is a type of air-cooled reflector designed for use in indoor horticulture setups. Here are some key features of the Lumii Aer...

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The Lumii Aerotube is a type of air-cooled reflector designed for use in indoor horticulture setups. Here are some key features of the Lumii Aerotube:
1. Reflective material: The Lumii Aerotube features a highly reflective aluminum interior, which helps to increase light output and reduce hot spots.
2. Air-cooled design: The Aerotube is designed to be air-cooled, which means it can be connected to a ventilation system to help control temperatures in the grow room. This can help prevent overheating and damage to plants.
3. Length and size: The Lumii Aerotube is available in two sizes, 125mm and 150mm, and in lengths of 1m or 1.2m. This allows growers to choose the size that best fits their grow space and lighting setup.
4. Easy installation: The Lumii Aerotube is easy to install and comes with all the necessary fittings and fixtures. It can be easily attached to a ventilation system using flexible ducting.
5. Versatility: The Lumii Aerotube is compatible with a range of lighting systems, including high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps.

In terms of how and why to use the Lumii Aerotube in a grow room, it is typically used to control temperatures and improve light output. By connecting the Aerotube to a ventilation system, growers can help regulate the temperature in the grow room, which is essential for maintaining healthy plants. Additionally, the highly reflective aluminum interior of the Aerotube helps to increase light output and reduce hot spots, which can lead to more uniform plant growth and better yields. Overall, the Lumii Aerotube is a reliable and versatile air-cooled reflector that can help improve indoor horticulture setups.

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  • BrandLumii

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