Lava-Lite - No-Gnats 3L
Lava-Lite - No-Gnats 3L


Lava-Lite - No-Gnats 3L

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LAVA-LITE NO-GNATS is a completely natural product that gives you effective control over adult fungus gnats and fungus gnat larvae. It can be us...

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LAVA-LITE NO-GNATS is a completely natural product that gives you effective control over adult fungus gnats and fungus gnat larvae. It can be used to successfully prevent future infestations or swiftly stop one currently in progress. Lava-Lite No Gnats will destroy the life cycle of both the adult fungus gnats and their larvae in just a few days. This is made possible by Lava-Lite’s patented aromatic oil, which is released through steam when water contacts lava rock. The oil kills adult gnats, larvae, pupae and eggs on contact without affecting your plants or blooms.

Lava-Lite No-Gnats are the trick to keeping your grow room clean and healthy! These gnat traps use a unique combination of light, minerals and CO2 to lure adult fungus gnats into their deathtraps. They also feature holes on the top allowing stale CO2 to be released and replaced with new CO2 from outside the trap. The newly replenished CO2 in turn attracts even more adult fungus gnats into the trap. The result? A safe, natural way to rid your grow room of these pest whilst helping keep your plants strong and healthy.

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All of our LAVA-LITE products are made from volcanic deposits, which are natural, lightweight, and pH neutral. We have carefully curated a range of horticultural products that provide ecological solutions for moisture management, frost protection, pest control, and soil conditioning. Our products are user-friendly, deliver excellent results, and require no special handling. Additionally, they are non-toxic, making them safe for children, pets, and the environment. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are working towards using eco-friendly packaging for all our products.

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