Jiffy - PRO7 Coco Brick 8L
Jiffy - PRO7 Coco Brick 8L

Jiffy Pro 7

Jiffy - PRO7 Coco Brick 8L

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Jiffy Coco Block 8L is a compressed and dehydrated block of coco coir that expands to a high-quality growing medium when water is added. The coc...

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Jiffy Coco Block 8L is a compressed and dehydrated block of coco coir that expands to a high-quality growing medium when water is added. The coco coir is made from the fibrous husks of coconuts and is an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss.

The Jiffy Coco Block 8L has been thoroughly washed and buffered, ensuring a low EC and stable pH. This makes it an ideal choice for a range of plants, whether they are grown in pots or in hydroponic systems.

Once the block is hydrated, it expands to 8 liters of high-quality growing medium that has excellent water retention and aeration properties. The structure of the coco coir allows for optimal root development and nutrient uptake, resulting in vigorous plant growth and high yields.

The Jiffy Coco Block 8L is easy to handle and transport due to its compact size when compressed. It is also a sustainable option, as the coco coir is a renewable resource that is biodegradable and can be recycled.

The PRO7 COCO BRICK is a 100% RHP Certified brick of pressed and dehydrated, mixed fibre coconut coir pith; it is washed/buffered, making it ideal for an all-round potting substrate. Thanks to the reliable consistent quality of coco coir, better temperature control, and versatility, it aids faster rooting and develops stronger plants. Simply rehydrate Jiffy Coco Brick with 30-35 litres of water and it yields up to 70 litres of exceptional quality Jiffy cocopeat. The perfect, easy to transport, growing media for short-term and seasonal, indoor and outdoor crops.

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Coco coir is a popular growing medium used in hydroponics. It is made from the fibrous husk of coconuts and is a renewable resource. Coco coir is lightweight, has good water retention and drainage properties, and is pH neutral. It can be used alone or mixed with other growing media such as perlite or vermiculite. When used with hydroponic nutrient solutions, coco coir can provide plants with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Coco coir is also an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss

Growth media has a huge impact on the efficacy of your hydroponic system. Some have essential nutrients mixed in, and others are inert with good draining characteristics. The type of growth media that you choose will depend on the hydroponic system you are using for your crop production. Some common choices include rockwool, vermiculite, coco fiber, perlite and clay pebbles.

Jiffy is a renowned global supplier of high-quality substrates for professional growers. With years of experience and expertise, Jiffy produces substrate mixes that meet the demands of every crop. Jiffy's PRO7 range of substrates is RHP-certified and contains premium quality ingredients such as block-cut European short and long fibre peat, and Peat Free Coco. These substrates are specially designed for short cycle and fast-growing plants, offering optimal structure, pre-fertilization, and consistent quality. The PRO7 range is easy to use and superior to other mediums, making it the perfect choice for growers looking for reliable and consistent substrate composition to achieve optimal plant yield and quality.

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