Jiffy - PRO7 All Mix 50L
Jiffy - PRO7 All Mix 50L

Jiffy Pro 7

Jiffy - PRO7 All Mix 50L

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Looking for an organic growing media that can help your crops thrive? Look no further than Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX! This premium blend of substrates ...

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Looking for an organic growing media that can help your crops thrive? Look no further than Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX! This premium blend of substrates is designed to create the optimum environment for your plants, with added fertiliser and a living microbial charge that will benefit your crop throughout the entire season.

PRO7 ALL+MIX is carefully formulated using a blend of high-quality organic materials that provide your plants with everything they need to grow strong and healthy. The abundance of beneficial microbes and bacteria in PRO7 ALL+MIX ensures that your plants are able to take up nutrients and water more efficiently, resulting in vigorous growth and increased yields.

What sets PRO7 ALL+MIX apart from other organic growing media is its unique pre-fertilised formula, which contains enough nutrients to sustain lush and forceful growth for up to 4 weeks. This means that your plants will be well-fed from the start, giving them the energy and nutrients they need to produce bountiful harvests.

If you're looking for a high-quality organic growing media that can help your plants thrive, look no further than Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX. With its superior blend of substrates, living microbial charge, and added fertiliser, PRO7 ALL+MIX is the perfect choice for any grower looking to achieve outstanding results.

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Growth media has a huge impact on the efficacy of your hydroponic system. Some have essential nutrients mixed in, and others are inert with good draining characteristics. The type of growth media that you choose will depend on the hydroponic system you are using for your crop production. Some common choices include rockwool, vermiculite, coco fiber, perlite and clay pebbles.

Jiffy is a renowned global supplier of high-quality substrates for professional growers. With years of experience and expertise, Jiffy produces substrate mixes that meet the demands of every crop. Jiffy's PRO7 range of substrates is RHP-certified and contains premium quality ingredients such as block-cut European short and long fibre peat, and Peat Free Coco. These substrates are specially designed for short cycle and fast-growing plants, offering optimal structure, pre-fertilization, and consistent quality. The PRO7 range is easy to use and superior to other mediums, making it the perfect choice for growers looking for reliable and consistent substrate composition to achieve optimal plant yield and quality.

Soil is a traditional growing medium used in indoor grow rooms for cultivating plants. It is made up of a mixture of organic matter, minerals, and other components that provide essential nutrients to plants. Soil can be used in conjunction with hydroponic or other growing methods, but it requires careful management of watering and nutrient levels to avoid overwatering or nutrient imbalances. In indoor grow rooms, soil can also present challenges related to cleanliness, pest control, and potential odor issues. Nonetheless, many growers still prefer soil as a growing medium for its natural properties and the familiar techniques for plant care

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