Hotbox - Sulfume Burner
W/ 2kg Sulphur
Hotbox - Sulfume Burner
W/ 2kg Sulphur


Hotbox - Sulfume Burner

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The Hotbox Sulfume Burner is an innovative device that comes with a powerful burner, which works to eradicate spider mites, mildew, black spot a...

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The Hotbox Sulfume Burner is an innovative device that comes with a powerful burner, which works to eradicate spider mites, mildew, black spot and many other plant health issues. It’s easy to use and much more effective than other options currently available.

Hotbox have figured out the perfect temperature so they don't burn the sulphur they vaporise it (between 145-155 degrees centigrade.)

Hotbox have a unique heating control system which means there is no chance of a fire caused by the unit. It doesn't release any nasty chemicals into the air.

How do you treat a problem fast and effectively? The answer is with the HotBox Sulfume Burner. You can safely use it mid-crop (not in the last two weeks). This burner will not harm your plants – just the insects ravaging them. Use it to treat existing problems or prevent future problems. The HotBox Sulfume is great for both. Coverage is very even. Each unit will treat a 2m3 - 10m3 area, so multiples may be needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot send/supply sulphur to any UK offshore destination including Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands (Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland, etc) Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Channel Isles. This is due to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code.

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Chemical treatments involve the use of pesticides or insecticides to control insect populations. While effective, this method should be used with caution in hydroponics, as it can have negative impacts on plant health and the environment.

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