Growth Technology - GreenFuse Root
Growth Technology - GreenFuse Root

Growth Technology

Growth Technology - GreenFuse Root

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Growth Technology - GreenFuse Root is a plant hormone-based root stimulator designed to encourage healthy root growth in plants. It is suitable ...

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Growth Technology - GreenFuse Root is a plant hormone-based root stimulator designed to encourage healthy root growth in plants. It is suitable for use with a wide range of plants, including ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

GreenFuse Root contains a blend of natural plant hormones, including auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins, which work together to promote root growth and development. These hormones stimulate cell division and elongation, increase nutrient uptake, and improve resistance to stress factors such as drought and transplant shock.

One of the benefits of using GreenFuse Root is that it can help plants establish more quickly and develop a stronger root system, which can lead to improved overall growth and yield. The root stimulator can be used during the propagation stage to promote healthy root development in cuttings, or it can be used later in the growth cycle to boost root growth in established plants.

GreenFuse Root is easy to use and can be applied directly to the growing medium or used as a dip for cuttings.

It is recommended to use the product at a rate of 1-2 ml per litre of water for cuttings, or 2-4 ml per litre of water for established plants. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and to avoid over-application, as excessive use can lead to plant damage.

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Growth Technology offers a range of high-quality plant nutrients and supplements designed to promote healthy plant growth, increase yield, and improve crop quality. Their products are made from top-quality ingredients and formulated to meet the specific needs of different crops and growing environments.

Their product line includes nutrient solutions for hydroponic, soil, and coco coir systems, as well as supplements for root development, flowering, and fruiting. They also offer a range of plant growth enhancers, foliar sprays, and pest control solutions to help growers achieve the best possible results.

Growth Technology's products are easy to use, with clear instructions and dosing guidelines provided on the packaging. They are also committed to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, and many of their products are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Whether you are a professional grower or a hobbyist, Growth Technology's products can help you achieve healthy plant growth and increase yield. They are dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement, and their products are trusted by growers around the world.

At Prestwich Hydroponics we only stock the highest quality powder and liquid plant feeds available. household names like Athena, Canna & Mills. We also stock products that tackle pests, moulds and other grow room problems.

It is important to receive the correct amounts of nutrients for your plants. Each nutrient has different functions, e.g. nitrogen is needed for stem growth and leaf production, while phosphorus is essential for root health. Plants need all three major plant nutrients - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - in order to grow at their best. Using high-quality plant nutrients will help you achieve unrivalled harvests..

Root stimulants can be particularly beneficial in hydroponic systems, where plants are grown in a soil-free environment and rely on nutrient-rich solutions to provide them with the essential nutrients they need to grow. In these systems, root stimulants can help to ensure that plants are able to absorb nutrients efficiently, by promoting the development of healthy, robust roots.

Some of the main benefits of root stimulants include:

  • Improved nutrient uptake: By promoting healthy root growth, root stimulants can help to ensure that plants are able to absorb nutrients efficiently, which can lead to faster growth and improved yields.

  • Enhanced stress resistance: Root stimulants can also help to improve the overall health and resilience of plants, making them more resistant to environmental stresses such as heat, drought, and disease.

  • Increased rooting: In some cases, root stimulants can also help to increase the number and density of roots, which can further improve nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

Root stimulants are typically applied to the nutrient solution, either at the beginning of the growth cycle or during specific stages of growth, such as during transplanting or when plants are experiencing stress. They are available in a variety of formulations, including liquid concentrates, powders, and gels, and can be used in combination with other hydroponic nutrients and supplements..

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