Gavita Pro 1700e LED
Gavita Pro 1700e LED


Gavita Pro 1700e LED

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The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a professional-grade LED grow light designed for indoor horticulture. It is a high-performance light that is built ...

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The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a professional-grade LED grow light designed for indoor horticulture. It is a high-performance light that is built to provide full-spectrum lighting to help plants grow quickly and healthily.

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED has a high-output diode configuration that delivers a broad spectrum of light, including both red and blue wavelengths, which are essential for photosynthesis. It has a total output of 1700 µmol/s, making it one of the most powerful LED grow lights on the market.

The design of the Gavita Pro 1700e LED is optimized for maximum efficiency, with a high-quality heat sink that ensures the light runs cool and a large, spread-out light footprint that can cover a large area of growing space. The light is also dimmable, which allows growers to adjust the light intensity to meet the specific needs of their plants at different stages of growth.

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is also designed to be easy to use and install, with a plug-and-play setup that requires no special wiring or tools. It can be used in a variety of growing environments, including hydroponic systems, soil-based setups, and indoor gardens.

Overall, the Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a powerful and reliable LED grow light that is ideal for professional growers who need to provide high-quality lighting to their plants. Its high output and full-spectrum design make it a versatile and effective lighting option for a wide range of indoor horticulture applications.

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Gavita is one of the largest specialised lighting companies in the world and are often recognised as an industry standard. With over three decades of expertise and innovation, Gavita are committed with providing customers with products that are compatible with residential voltages to ensure maximised safety and performance in the grow room. Founded over 30 years ago, Gavita is a Dutch-based company that have led the way in greenhouse lighting. Offering a wide range of products with over 20 years experience, Gavita is a trusted brand sold in almost every country around the globe and has a global following of growers at every level.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is a popular type of lighting used in hydroponics. They are known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce a high-quality light that is ideal for plant growth.

LED lights produce a specific light spectrum that can be tailored to the needs of different plants and stages of growth. They are available in a range of wattages, from 50 watts to 1000 watts or more, making them suitable for different types of plants and growing conditions.

One of the advantages of LED lights is that they are highly efficient, which means they can save growers money on their electricity bills. They also produce less heat than other types of lighting, which means they can be placed closer to plants without burning them. LED lights have a long lifespan and require less maintenance than other types of lighting.

LED lights are a popular choice for hydroponic growers who want a high-quality light that is energy-efficient and customizable. They are suitable for all stages of plant growth, including vegetative and flowering stages. They can be used in a range of hydroponic setups, from small-scale grow tents to large commercial facilities.

Grow lights are essential for the successful cultivation of your plants. They allow you to grow plants in environments where there is not enough natural light, such as in greenhouses and indoor spaces. Depending on the needs of your plants, it's important to use the right type of light. The three most popular types include Light Emitting Diode (LED), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. You can use these grow lights with a wide variety of plant types, including herbs and flowers.

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