Gardena - ClickUp! TorchFireplace
Gardena - ClickUp! TorchFireplace


Gardena - ClickUp! TorchFireplace

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Gardena ClickUp! Torch Fireplace
Raise your garden decorations to the next level with the Gardena ClickUp! Torch Fireplace. This stylish Cli...

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Gardena ClickUp! Torch Fireplace
Raise your garden decorations to the next level with the Gardena ClickUp! Torch Fireplace. This stylish ClickUp! attachment will allow you to create an eye-catching, atmospheric lighting feature in your garden with no safety worries.

The ClickUp! System
The Torch Fireplace is part of the Gardena ClickUp! System. With a number of ClickUp! attachments available, you can create a bespoke, flexible feel in your garden.

Premium Design
The Gardena ClickUp! Torch Fireplace has a drip-proof tank, meaning the product is incredibly safe to use. The bent metal screen protects the torch from the elements, so the flame will not be blown out by the wind. The Gardena one-click connection makes it very easy to attach and remove the Torch Fireplace from the ClickUp! Handle.

5 year guarantee
The Gardena ClickUp! Torch Fireplace comes with a 5 year guarantee, it is built to last.

Technical Specifications:
Article No. 11360-20
EAN 4078500054577

Product not normally stocked within the store please allow up to 1 week for delivery.

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