Floramax - Clone Spray
Floramax - Clone Spray


Floramax - Clone Spray

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Floramax - Clone Spray is a plant cloning solution that is designed to help promote the growth of healthy and vigorous clones. Here are some det...

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Floramax - Clone Spray is a plant cloning solution that is designed to help promote the growth of healthy and vigorous clones. Here are some details about this product:

• Floramax - Clone Spray contains a proprietary blend of natural hormones, vitamins, and minerals that are specifically formulated to stimulate rapid and healthy root development in plant cuttings.
• The ingredients in this product include auxins, cytokinins, and other natural plant hormones, as well as nutrients like vitamin B1 and seaweed extract.

• Floramax - Clone Spray can help to increase the success rate of plant cloning by promoting faster and more robust root growth in cuttings.
• The natural hormones and nutrients in this product can also help to protect cuttings from transplant shock and other stresses that can inhibit growth.
• Additionally, Floramax - Clone Spray can help to improve overall plant health by providing essential nutrients and promoting strong root development.

Instructions for use:
• To use Floramax - Clone Spray, simply spray the solution onto the leaves and stems of plant cuttings immediately after they have been taken.
• The product should be used once per day for the first 5-7 days after the cuttings have been taken, and then every other day thereafter until the roots have developed fully.
• After the roots have developed, the cuttings can be transplanted into soil or another growing medium.

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