CropTec - Complete Soil Coco Mix 50L
CropTec - Complete Soil Coco Mix 50L


CropTec - Complete Soil Coco Mix 50L

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CropTec Complete Soil Coco Mix 50L is the perfect solution for any gardener looking for a high-quality growing medium for their plants. This mix...

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CropTec Complete Soil Coco Mix 50L is the perfect solution for any gardener looking for a high-quality growing medium for their plants. This mix contains a carefully formulated blend of 50% white and black peat, 15% perlite, and 20% coco fibre, all combined to create a superior soil coco mix. With a low pH of 3.8, CropTec Complete helps prevent the buildup of salts, making it ideal for any style of gardening.

In addition to its exceptional composition, CropTec Complete is enriched with growth intelligently formulated nutrients to ensure that plants achieve excellent results right from the start and beyond. Its mix of fresh, live, and aged coco fibre is specifically designed to stimulate root growth and promote strong, healthy bud development.

This mix offers superb drainage and aeration, making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor growing. Its excellent water retention properties ensure that there is minimal transplant shock when moving to flower, resulting in a more efficient growing process. With CropTec Complete Soil Coco Mix 50L, you can rest assured that you're providing your plants with the best possible growing conditions for optimal growth and yield.

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Coco coir is a popular growing medium used in hydroponics. It is made from the fibrous husk of coconuts and is a renewable resource. Coco coir is lightweight, has good water retention and drainage properties, and is pH neutral. It can be used alone or mixed with other growing media such as perlite or vermiculite. When used with hydroponic nutrient solutions, coco coir can provide plants with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Coco coir is also an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss

Growth media has a huge impact on the efficacy of your hydroponic system. Some have essential nutrients mixed in, and others are inert with good draining characteristics. The type of growth media that you choose will depend on the hydroponic system you are using for your crop production. Some common choices include rockwool, vermiculite, coco fiber, perlite and clay pebbles.

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