Ceiling Hook Plates - singles
Ceiling Hook Plates - singles

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Ceiling Hook Plates - singles

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Ceiling Hook Plates are hardware devices used to hang or suspend various items, including lighting fixtures, grow lights, fans, or other indoor ...

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Ceiling Hook Plates are hardware devices used to hang or suspend various items, including lighting fixtures, grow lights, fans, or other indoor gardening equipment from ceilings or overhead structures. They are typically made of strong and durable materials such as metal or plastic.

Ceiling Hook Plates are sold singly, which provides a flexible option for indoor gardeners who need to hang their equipment in a variety of locations and configurations. They are usually installed by screwing them into wooden or concrete ceilings, or other suitable surfaces, using the included screws or bolts.

Ceiling Hook Plates are designed with a circular or rectangular base plate and a hook or loop at the top. The hook or loop provides a secure attachment point for hanging the equipment, while the base plate provides stability and support.

Ceiling Hook Plates are available in different sizes, shapes, and load capacities, allowing growers to choose the right one based on their specific needs and equipment. It's important to ensure that the hook plates can support the weight of the equipment they are holding.

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