Canna - Aqua Clay Pebbles 20L
Canna - Aqua Clay Pebbles 20L


Canna - Aqua Clay Pebbles 20L

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Looking for a high-quality, versatile growing medium for your plants? Look no further than Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles. These premium clay pebbles a...

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Looking for a high-quality, versatile growing medium for your plants? Look no further than Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles. These premium clay pebbles are specifically designed to provide optimal growing conditions for a wide range of plants, making them an ideal substrate for hydroponic and aquaponic systems.

Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles 50L are carefully crafted using a special type of clay with a low soluble salt content and high porosity. This unique composition makes them highly absorbent, allowing them to retain water and nutrients for extended periods of time. This means that your plants will have access to the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive, even in the most demanding growing conditions.

One of the key benefits of Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles 50L is their ability to promote healthy root growth. They provide excellent aeration to the growing medium, allowing air and oxygen to reach the roots and promoting strong, healthy root development. They also help to control pH levels and supply essential nutrients like potassium and calcium, which are crucial for optimal plant growth.

In addition to their impressive growing benefits, Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles 20L are also highly effective at preventing disease and pest problems. Their high porosity and low solubility make them an inhospitable environment for pathogens and pests like slugs, helping to keep your plants healthy and protected.

With their superior water retention, excellent aeration, and disease prevention benefits, Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles are an ideal choice for any grower looking to maximize the health and yield of their plants. They come in a convenient 20-litre bag, making them easy to use and store, and are suitable for use in a variety of hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Trust Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles to help you achieve outstanding results in your indoor or outdoor garden.

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Canna is a globally recognized brand in the hydroponics industry, specializing in developing high-quality plant nutrients and growing mediums for both amateur and professional growers. With over 30 years of experience in the market, Canna has established itself as a leading manufacturer of hydroponic solutions, delivering consistent and reliable products to its customers.

Canna's commitment to quality is evident in its strict manufacturing standards, which ensure that all products are produced in state-of-the-art facilities using only the finest raw materials. Their range of products includes a variety of nutrient lines, from organic to mineral-based, designed to cater to different stages of plant growth and different types of crops. Additionally, Canna offers a range of growing substrates, such as coco coir and rockwool, to provide the ideal conditions for plants to thrive.

Canna's dedication to research and development is also a cornerstone of their success. Their team of experts is constantly striving to improve their products and introduce new solutions that help growers achieve optimal yields and quality. As a result, Canna has built a loyal following of satisfied customers worldwide who trust their products to consistently deliver impressive results.

Growth media has a huge impact on the efficacy of your hydroponic system. Some have essential nutrients mixed in, and others are inert with good draining characteristics. The type of growth media that you choose will depend on the hydroponic system you are using for your crop production. Some common choices include rockwool, vermiculite, coco fiber, perlite and clay pebbles.

Pebbles are a common hydroponic growing medium that are made of small, rounded stones or pebbles. They are an inert medium, meaning they do not provide any nutrients to the plants. Instead, they are used to provide physical support for the plant roots and allow for good drainage and aeration. Pebbles can be used in a variety of hydroponic systems, including deep water culture and ebb and flow systems. They are easy to clean and reusable, making them a cost-effective option for hydroponic growers.

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