Bubblegen - V1.0
Bubblegen - V1.0


Bubblegen - V1.0

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BubbleGen V1 - Hydroponic Bubble Generator

Introducing the BubbleGen V1, a hydroponic bubble ...

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BubbleGen V1 - Hydroponic Bubble Generator

Introducing the BubbleGen V1, a hydroponic bubble generator featuring twin jets and an integrated silencer that efficiently and silently oxygenates and circulates nutrient tanks. This innovative system utilizes atmospheric pressure to draw in oxygen-rich air through its input port. As the nutrients flow through the unit, it blends with the incoming air, producing a dynamic stream of nutrient-infused bubbles. Notably, this process eliminates the need for a noisy compressor air pump, making the operation remarkably quiet.

The BubbleGen V1 serves as a comprehensive replacement for circulation pumps, air pumps, and air stones, streamlining your hydroponic setup. Even if you currently employ a nutrient chiller, a single pump can effectively drive the BubbleGen.

Key Features of the Product:

  • Efficiently and quietly oxygenates the nutrient tank. Eliminates the requirement for loud air pumps.
  • Does away with air stones that are prone to clogging and encourage microbial growth. Dispenses with the need for additional tank circulation jets or pumps. Operates with minimal noise, driven solely by a water pump.
  • Operates on a vacuum principle, avoiding the introduction of excess heat to the solution.
  • Offers the flexibility to draw air from various sources using the provided 1.5m air hose. Saves costs and conserves energy compared to air pumps, circulation pumps, and air stones.
  • Compatible with pumps ranging from under 1000LPH to over 4000LPH. Includes three suction cups for secure tank-bottom mounting.
  • Simple installation requiring only two connecting tubes.
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Air pumps are an important component of some hydroponic systems, as they provide oxygen to the plant roots and promote healthy plant growth. Air pumps may be used in conjunction with air stones or diffusers, which create bubbles in the nutrient solution and improve oxygen exchange. Air pumps may vary in size and power, depending on the size and complexity of the hydroponic system. Factors such as noise level, energy efficiency, and durability should be considered when selecting an air pump for a hydroponic system. Proper maintenance, including cleaning and regular replacement of parts, is also important to ensure optimal pump performance and prevent system failure.

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