Biogreen - X-Force
Biogreen - X-Force


Biogreen - X-Force

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Bio-Green X force is a silica acid enriched spore fertiliser. This nutrient will boost your chlorophyll production which will have a positive ef...

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Bio-Green X force is a silica acid enriched spore fertiliser. This nutrient will boost your chlorophyll production which will have a positive effect on the overall growth, robustness and resilience of your plant. It will reduce the way in which your plants absorb sodium which can lead to salt stress. It will force your plant to take up the maximum amount of potassium and also protect your plant from pest and mould. It can also make your plant more hardy to factors such as draught, UV and temperature changes. You will see stems and stalks grow stronger and thicker to allow them o carry large flowers.

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Bio Green UK is a leading provider of innovative and effective products designed for successful gardening.

We understand and appreciate the passion and enthusiasm of hobby gardeners for their gardens and plants.

Our mission is to help you create ideal growing conditions and nurture your garden's plants in every season.

With Bio Green, you can be assured of high-quality products that will help you achieve the best results.

At Prestwich Hydroponics we only stock the highest quality powder and liquid plant feeds available. household names like Athena, Canna & Mills. We also stock products that tackle pests, moulds and other grow room problems.

It is important to receive the correct amounts of nutrients for your plants. Each nutrient has different functions, e.g. nitrogen is needed for stem growth and leaf production, while phosphorus is essential for root health. Plants need all three major plant nutrients - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - in order to grow at their best. Using high-quality plant nutrients will help you achieve unrivalled harvests..

Silicon is a naturally occurring element that can be found in soil, rocks, and many plants. In hydroponic systems, silicon products are often used to supplement the nutrient solution and promote plant growth and health.

Silicon products can help to improve the structural integrity of the plant, making it more resistant to pests and diseases, and increasing its ability to absorb nutrients. This can lead to healthier plants with stronger stems, thicker leaves, and larger yields.

Silicon products can also help to improve the pH stability of the nutrient solution, which can be particularly important in hydroponic systems where pH levels can fluctuate rapidly. By maintaining a stable pH, silicon products can help to ensure that the plants are able to absorb all the nutrients they need for optimal growth and development.

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