Athena - Blended Fade
Athena - Blended Fade


Athena - Blended Fade

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Athena Nutrients Fade is a specialized supplement designed to be used during the final weeks of the flowering phase. It is specifically formulat...

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Athena Nutrients Fade is a specialized supplement designed to be used during the final weeks of the flowering phase. It is specifically formulated to improve the ripening and finishing of fruits and flowers, resulting in higher yields and better quality crops.

During the fade process, the plant shifts its focus from producing chlorophyll and other pigments to producing essential oils, terpenes, and other compounds that contribute to its unique aroma, flavour, and effects. Athena Nutrients Fade is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients and supplements that support the natural fade process, while also promoting overall plant health and vitality.

One of the key benefits of Athena Nutrients Fade is that it helps to flush out excess nitrogen from the plant. Nitrogen build-up can delay flower maturation and negatively impact the quality of your crop. By flushing out excess nitrogen with Athena Nutrients Fade, you can achieve a smoother and more efficient flush without adding stress to your plants.

Athena Nutrients Fade is easy to use and compatible with all growing media and hydroponic systems. Simply add it to your nutrient solution during the final weeks of the flowering phase. The recommended dosage is 2-4 ml per gallon of water.

With Athena Nutrients Fade, you can expect to see an improvement in overall crop quality, with denser buds and a more intense aroma and flavour.

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Athena supports the modern growers needs, Catering for any scale. Their products improve quality, pioneer consistency and reduce the costs. Born in Los Angeles, California, where the perfect run is always top priority. As the scale of the cultivator increases, Athena works to keep everything simple.

At Prestwich Hydroponics we only stock the highest quality powder and liquid plant feeds available. household names like Athena, Canna & Mills. We also stock products that tackle pests, moulds and other grow room problems.

It is important to receive the correct amounts of nutrients for your plants. Each nutrient has different functions, e.g. nitrogen is needed for stem growth and leaf production, while phosphorus is essential for root health. Plants need all three major plant nutrients - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - in order to grow at their best. Using high-quality plant nutrients will help you achieve unrivalled harvests..

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