Adjust-A-Wings Avenger
Adjust-A-Wings Avenger


Adjust-A-Wings Avenger

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Adjust-A-Wings is a brand that produces high-quality reflectors for indoor gardening. The Avenger Reflector is one of their products, designed ...

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Adjust-A-Wings is a brand that produces high-quality reflectors for indoor gardening. The Avenger Reflector is one of their products, designed to help indoor gardeners achieve optimal light coverage and intensity.

The Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector is made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum that helps to increase the reflectivity of light. The reflector is designed to be adjustable, allowing growers to focus the light on specific areas of their garden and avoid wasted energy. This adjustable feature can be helpful for growers with different-sized grow spaces or plants that require varying amounts of light intensity.

The Avenger Reflector is compatible with all high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs. It also comes with an adjustable lamp holder, allowing growers to adjust the height of their bulb to ensure optimal light coverage and intensity.

One notable feature of the Adjust-A-Wings Avenger is its "Super Spreader" attachment. This is a patented design that helps to evenly distribute light across the canopy, reducing hotspots and preventing burning of plants. The Super Spreader also helps to increase the light footprint, allowing for a larger coverage area and better light penetration.

Using the Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector is straightforward. The reflector is mounted above the grow area, and the bulb is placed in the adjustable lamp holder. The grower can then adjust the reflector wings to direct the light where it's needed and attach the Super Spreader for even light distribution.

The Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector is highly regarded in the indoor gardening community for its quality construction, adjustability, and effectiveness in optimizing light coverage and intensity. The Super Spreader attachment is a unique feature that can help to improve the quality and yield of indoor gardens.

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For nearly three decades, Origins has been a leading brand in indoor horticultural lighting, with a focus on providing high-quality, efficient, and innovative products to help growers achieve optimal results. Our founder, Mr. Paul Cronk BSc, revolutionized the indoor gardening scene in Australia with the introduction of the iconic double-parabolic reflector, which has since set the standard for all other reflectors.

At Origins, we are passionate about innovation and are dedicated to creating lighting solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of indoor growers. Our products are designed to provide the most efficient and uniform light distribution over plant canopies, resulting in maximum growth and yield. We understand that grow lights are the sole source of light for indoor plants, and our solutions are optimized to provide the most effective lighting possible.

Our success has been driven by our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to have earned a reputation as a trusted brand among indoor growers worldwide. At Origins, we continue to push the boundaries of indoor horticultural lighting, and we are committed to providing growers with the tools they need to achieve their full potential.

Grow lights are essential for the successful cultivation of your plants. They allow you to grow plants in environments where there is not enough natural light, such as in greenhouses and indoor spaces. Depending on the needs of your plants, it's important to use the right type of light. The three most popular types include Light Emitting Diode (LED), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. You can use these grow lights with a wide variety of plant types, including herbs and flowers.

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