13mm Pro Inline Filter
13mm Pro Inline Filter

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13mm Pro Inline Filter

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The 13mm Pro Inline Filter is a valuable component of an irrigation system that provides advanced levels of adjustability...

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The 13mm Pro Inline Filter is a valuable component of an irrigation system that provides advanced levels of adjustability and customisation for growers. It is designed to be used with 13mm pipework and introduces commercial-grade features to home gardens and smaller-scale commercial operations.

One of the key features of the Pro Inline Filter is its ability to use different filter inserts, providing growers with various micron options to suit their specific growing demands. This allows for precise control of water quality, ensuring that plants receive the appropriate nutrients and moisture.

In addition to its advanced adjustability, the Pro Inline Filter is also designed for durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Its larger, drum-shaped filter area and higher micron element provide added protection against blockages, while its larger size makes dismantling and cleaning a simple process.

Professional growers demand precision in their operations, but they also require products that can withstand heavy use and provide consistent performance. The Pro Inline Filter is designed to meet these demands, making it a popular choice among professional landscapers, commercial growers, and home gardeners alike.

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