Noka Tech

NŌKATECH is dedicated to creating advanced and efficient horticulture solutions that deliver the highest yields for small and industrial growers. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our products, using only high-quality materials to ensure longevity.

Our attention to detail is paramount in achieving the best possible characteristics and performance of our products. We prioritize ease of transport, installation, and use, making sure even the smallest details are considered in our design process.

At NŌKATECH, we utilize industry-leading technologies and top-quality components to create products that are both durable and efficient. Our use of premium brand LED chips and drivers allows us to achieve high levels of PPFD across the grow surface and penetrate deep below the canopy while remaining energy efficient. Quality is our top priority, not quantity.

We also offer bespoke solutions for industrial and large-scale horticultural projects at an affordable price. All our products are laboratory-tested and meet all required local certifications, ensuring our customers receive reliable and effective solutions for their horticultural needs.

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